Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Dogs Are Crazy. Crazy Awesome!

Aright, alright! Due to the OVERWHELMING number of followers to this blog and the CONSTANT emails from crazed fans, today I will tell you about my dogs. First a little about me: I'm Rachel, I'm 25 and I live in Minneapolis, MN with my husband and two little monsters that drive me crazy. That's basically it...on with the dogs!

This is Pork Chop (the face of Poopin' Outside...In Style):
Breed- Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix
Weight- 4lbs
Height- 8 inches
Birthday- 10/10/10
Favorite Food- Taco Bell

This is Andy (we adopted him 4/23/12):
Breed- Papillon/Pomeranian Mix
Weight- 15 lbs (but slowly losing with walks and new diet)
Height- 12 inches
Birthday- 10/01/07
Favorite Food- Turkey Meatloaf

Don't let those cute little faces fool you. They are poopin' and peein' machines, they don't listen and they fight constantly. Ah, I'm kidding, but they are still getting used to being doggie brothers. Pork Chop is more high energy and loves to chase him around but Andy is slowly getting used to it and they actually started playing together recently!

Pork Chop is a REALLY well-behaved dog. I don't know what I did but he is the poster dog for perfect dogs. He's really smart and I swear he understands everything I say (for the most part!). He is SUPER playful and thinks he's an 80 lb dog that can take on any opponent. 

Andy on the other hand has been quite the handful! I love him to death, but he's more special needs than Pork Chop. He's had a much rougher life, so it's understandable. He was VERY shy and timid at first. Wouldn't come near anyone and just sat by the door waiting for his moment to escape. It took about a week to get him to come out of his shell. I'm currently working with him on breaking his bark-at-every-little-sound habit and he's doing better and better each day! He wouldn't eat for the first few days which is pretty normal for rescue dogs (he eats like a champ now!). And last night, we learned he is DEATHLY afraid of lightening and even the slightest thunder. He was shaking and panting really fast ALL NIGHT. I didn't get any sleep. 

Now you know my dogs. Happy? Geesh.